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Romeo Salta

Member of the New York State Bar since 1981

Member of the Federal District Courts for the Southern and Eastern District of New York


Columbia College, Columbia University, Class of 1977

Brooklyn Law School, Class of 1980
Attorney at Law
Romeo Salta has successfully litigated against large New York and multinational firms for clients who could not otherwise find legal representation because they were advised they had no viable cause of action.  In one recent case, for example, an individual was fired from his financial services job.  He was told by numerous attorneys that he had no case because his employment was "at will."  Mr. Salta, however, took his case and brought an action against his employer (the employer was represented by a $900/hour Wall Street firm).  The case was brought before a panel of three arbitrators of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and Mr. Salta won a six-figure award for his client.  While past performance does not guaranty future results, this is an example that Romeo Salta is more than willing to take on cases others in the profession would consider "lost causes."